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Just a quick warning, I haven't been buying a lot of CD's from this genre lately. Therefore, it may not be updated as frequently, or I may have to put some of my "oldies" collections on here. If you know of a really good new release, feel free to let me know. These are only personal opinions, so don't send argumentative rebuttals about any of the artists or CD's. I welcome criticism, just not argumentative criticism. I do listen to people's suggestions.

Introducing IMX is the first CD by IMX, formerly known as Immature. I guess Immature felt that their group name had a negative connotation now that they've gotten older. I must admit they've grown up quite a bit from the House Party movie days. This CD grows on you. I only liked a few songs when I bought it, but every time I listen to it I find another little gem. The songs are very soulful and are sung with emotion. This is an enhanced CD, so it contains some pictures and a video that you can view on your computer. They do a great rendition of El Debarge's "Love Me In A Special Way." The radio favorite is "Stay The Night." It happens to be one of my favorite songs on the CD also. Overall, it's a pretty good CD, not the best but pretty good.

The Writing's On The Wall is Destiny's Child's latest CD. This is one of the best CD's that I've bought in a long time. Every song on it is worth listening to. There are so many Top Ten hits on this CD it was difficult trying to find songs that haven't been played to death on the radio. "Now That She's Gone" is a very soulful song. "If You Leave" is dedicated to all the creepers out there that have their sights on that special unavailable someone. I must admit, I can relate to this song. Luckily, I moved on years ago. That's the sign of good soul music, the ability to make you reminisce about the meaningful times in your life, good and bad.

Back At One is the latest release by Brian McKnight. I must be honest, I bought this CD for "Back At One (like everyother lady)." Brian McKnight is very musically talented, not just vocally. Brian is a one man show. This CD is definitely mood music, whether you're in the mood or need to get in the mood. "Last Dance" is a very sensual song with beautiful words. "Can You Read My Mind" is another sexy tune, with an "islandy" touch to it. When I listen to this song, I close my eyes and imagine laying on the beach relaxing. I love soulful mood music.