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Jazz Central Station is an excellent website for jazz enthusiasts.  This site contains news, sound clips, a featured artist with photos and biography, several BBS's for postings, and a chat room.

Jazz Online is a really nice site.  There are artist Q&A's, a video showcase, a question and answer forum, contests and a section called starter kits (musical suggestions for various types of jazz).

All About Jazz has it all.  It has a wonderful jazz timeline, reviews, games, a free newsletter, discussion forum and my favorite part is explanations of different types of jazz which is good for newbies (i.e. acid jazz and fusion jazz).

Another pretty nice contemporary jazz site.  Cjazz contains featured artists, audio clips, site links and artist links.

Qweb is most useful for its collection of over 16,000 CD reviews.  It also contains daily news, chat and Starmaker '98 for rising jazz stars.

Devian's Homepage of Jazz has a really impressive collection of MIDI files, artist profiles, artist photo collection, jazz site links and links to saxophonist sites.