EZ ShopYou can find many of the CD's found on this site, plus many others, at Music & More. You can also purchase books and movies; maybe some of your jazz favorites. Click over and search for your favorite music, books, and videos now.

R&B Page is an excellent website for R&B enthusiasts.  This site contains interviews, audio clips, entertainment CD sampler, birthdate calendar, news, a discussion forum, and a chat room.

Ejams is a really nice site with news headlines, trivia, games and chat rooms.  Check out this one.

CJ's House of Soul is also a nice site.  CJ has original remixes that you can listen to on the site, news, old school tribute to R&B tracks from the 80's and Top 10 charts from web viewers.

Urban Beat is an online magazine based out of Houston.  It has music reviews, profiles, Urban Beat art and, for those interested, it has urban poetry.  It also has event calendars, but this would only be useful if you live in Houston.