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Music has always been a part of Richard Elliot's soul.  Growing up, Elliot was a devout fan of rhythm and blues.  Unbelievable, but as a teenger, Elliot toured Europe backing up Natalie Cole and The Pointer Sisters.  Afterwards, he joined he joined a fusion ensemble named Kittyhawk.  Richard Elliot did some studio work with some of the all-time greats: The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and The Four Tops.  His next break came with the Yellowjackets.  In 1982, he joined The Tower of Power, with whom he played for 5 years.  Elliot referred to these years as the most influential years of his career.

In 1987, Elliot decided to go solo, releasing his first album on Enigma Records. He would release 4 more records under this label.  He would go on to release 5 more titles (so far) under the Metro Blue/Blue Note label.  His latest release, Jumping Off, is his 10th solo release.

Richard Elliot is very soulful, sexy sax player.  Every tune he belts out has feeling to him.  I could tell this when I went to see him perform.  I have seen many jazz shows, and the Sax and Guitars show with Marc Antoine, Kirk Whalum, Jonathan Butler and Richard Elliot was the greatest show I  have ever seen.  Elliot was the star of the show.  He is very energetic and goes out of his way to make sure everyone enjoys the show. He's a must see!